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We're on the lookout for e-bike and e-moto enthusiasts and influencers to join our ambassador program.
At Melbourne Powered, we believe that bikes are first and foremost all about fun, and electric bikes take the excitement to a whole new level.

E-Bikes allow you to do more, whether you're exploring new areas, commuting without breaking a sweat, conquering downhill runs (without needing a shuttle to get back up the hill), or taking the scenic route to school with the kids – e-bikes redefine the joy of riding.

We're on a mission to showcase the true strength and advantages of electric bikes and e-moto's for Australian's.
Melbourne Powered aim to broaden people's perceptions of e-bikes, showcasing their versatility and how they can enhance and support various lifestyles wether it’s as a viable second car alternative, promoting an active lifestyle, rehab from injury, and encouraging outdoor adventures for healthier living.

As a Melbourne Powered ambassador, you have the chance to create compelling content that highlights the real potential of e-bikes.
Share your personal experiences, showcase the versatility of our electric bikes for commuting, cargo, mountain biking, and inspire your people to embrace the e-bike lifestyle.

Plus, here's an extra perk – enjoy exclusive access to Melbourne Powered's latest products and irresistible discounts on anything bike-related.

Join our team of ambassadors and let us know how you can make an e-difference. Whether you prefer crafting your own content or collaborating with us to create something special, Melbourne Powered is ready to elevate your influence and expand our collective impact for e-bikes and e-motos.

It's time to power up with Melbourne Powered – where the ride is always electrifying! ⚡🚴‍♂️

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