Melbourne’s Premier E-bike Workshop

Melbourne Powered specializes in e-bike servicing, conversions and your complex electrical repairs.

House Specials

Half Dozen

This service is for if you ride 3+ times a week and tend to take you bike in for a service every 6 months.

Full Dozen

This service is our most popular option and it covers all the essentials on the bike. Great annually.

Baker’s Dozen

This service is if you haven't had your bike serviced in 12+ months and it REALLY needs some love.

Electric Bike Conversion

Convert your bike to electric. We do bespoke hub motor and mid-drive conversions and can completely tailor the build to your needs.

Not sure what's wrong?

Need us to figure out what's going on with your bike? Detail the issue you're experiencing in the notes and we'll assess the bike when it's dropped off.

À la carte

We can help out with small jobs and à-la-carte repairs. Please phone the shop at (03)9088-2153 to book small repair. These are completed on a first come first served basis and we are unable to guarantee turn-around times.

• Flat Tire

• Brake Pad Replacement

• Gear Adjustment

• Brake Adjustment

Method to our Madness

1. Make a Booking

Use the form below to let us know what type of service you need and when you can drop off your bike to the shop. Can’t make it into the shop? We offer pickup and drop-off services. You can request this option in the booking form.

2. In-Store Assessment

With your bike in store, our experienced mechanics can asses your bike’s condition and its needs. We will complete the assessment and make suggestions about what your bikes needs.

3. Get You Rollin’

We' will contact you when your bike is ready for collection. Roll out and enjoy your bike with confidence!

Need Home Pickup & Drop-Off?

Can't get your bike down to our store but really want to get something fixed? Maybe it's a cargo bike or a trike. Maybe it's too big to get in the car or maybe you work from home and just can't find the time to get down to our store in Ascot Vale.

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