e-Bike Conversions

Melbourne Powered specialises in e-Bike conversions

 Are you considering an e-Bike?

Do you know we can also convert standard bikes into e-Bikes. It’s what we like to call e-Bike Conversions! There are many benefits to doing a conversion, instead of buying a new e-Bike. Talk to us today and let’s find your perfect e-Bike. We can convert just about anything!

If you have a standard bicycle in your garage or you are considering purchasing a second-hand bike, give us a call to check whether that bicycle would be suitable for conversion. 

Your e-Bike conversion kit can be installed by our on-site mechanics or by yourself (if you're feeling confident!). We recommend that customers have their conversion kits installed by our specialised mechanics. 

Your safety is our priority. We pride ourselves on providing customers with honest advice on whether their bicycle can be safety converted.