VelectriX Urban+ Step Through Electric Hybrid Bike (2023)

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The VelectriX Urban+ Step Through Electric Hybrid Bike is a great-looking" affordable e-bike" that comes fully equipped with everything needed to enjoy a comfortable ride. Featuring comfortable frame geometry" front suspension forks for a smooth ride" a plush seat" and a comfortable upright sitting position" comfort reigns on this bike. But comfort isn't all the Urban+ offers. Built-in front & rear lights have you covered for visibility. This bike also offers built-in mudguards to keep you clean and dry" and a rear rack so you can easily carry your backpack" groceries" backpack" or a change of clothes when commuting. Add to this the safety of hydraulic disc brakes" and you can ride with confidence knowing that you have precise and reliable stopping power even in wet conditions.

But the VelectriX Urban+ isn't just a great bike" that offers features perfect for commuting" riding around the city" or to the shops and back" it's an electric bike! This means it will assist you in getting where you need to go" cutting out the sweat and fatigue" and leaving you to arrive at your destination fresh and ready. Powered by a super quiet Bafang 250-watt rear hub motor and a fully integrated 11.6ah battery" it will assist you in climbing hills and remove the drag of strong headwinds up to a distance of 60 kilometers at a time. And with only a short 3-4 hour recharge time" you can go for that coffee run to the shops in the morning and your bike will be charged and ready for your afternoon adventure! Weighing in at approximately 23kg (including battery) this is on the lighter side of the e-bike spectrum meaning all that energy from the motor will go towards assisting your ride so you can ride further" for longer" and more comfortably! If you're after a versatile" comfortable bike for the city" town" commuting" groceries" or simply for comfortable weekend rolls" then the VelectriX Urban+ Electric Hybrid Bike is the perfect bike for you.


This Electric Bike features a low step-through frame design" which means you can mount and dismount this with ease" whether that's fully dismounting at shops or safely stopping at traffic lights. Combined with this" the upright pedaling position and swept-back bars mean you'll always be comfortable on this bike" so can take on longer rides and bigger adventures!


The powerful Bafang G120 rear hub motor produces 48nm of torque" providing enough power to assist you up hills as well as tackling headwinds Ride hard if you choose and get your sweat on" or let the bike do the heavy lifting - the choice is yours!


This bike comes equipped with a rear pannier rack for luggage" take the bike to do your grocery shopping" or use it for carrying all your work essentials on your commute. Simply add a basket for even greater versatility!

Questions Answered

What is the VelectriX Urban+ used for?

The VelectriX Urban+ Step Through Electric Hybrid Bike is made for paths and roads" perfect for the urban environment" shopping" commuting" or leisurely weekend rides on your local bike paths.

Why is the VelectriX Urban+ different?

The comfort-oriented design and included features make the Velectrix Urban+ Step Through Electric Hybrid Bike the perfect bike for someone who puts comfort at a premium and wants a bike that offers ease and convenience. Everything from the upright sitting position" to the seat" to the front suspension" will have you loving the ride" and the safety features like hydraulic disc brakes and integrated lights will leave you feeling confident while you ride. The integrated rear rack makes carrying your stuff a breeze while the powerful 250-watt motor will assist you in your ride!

Who is the VelectriX Urban+designed for?

Perfect for commuting" grocery runs" getting around the city" or even weekend rolls and coffee catch-ups" this bike is for the rider looking for a comfortable bike that you can just grab and go" all with that additional assistance from the motor.

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