Surly Tv Tray Platform Rack

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What Is the TV Tray?

Very simply put, the TV Tray is a rack platform extender.  More specifically it’s a 4mm thick, stamped and machined aluminum platform that shares a similar footprint to the 24-Pack Rack.  It can be direct-mounted to the barrel bosses on the 8-Pack Rack or can be mounted with 4 extruded/machined hooks to myriad other racks.  The TV Tray allows you to add a porteur-style platform to almost all Surly racks (the Wide Disc Rack and 24-Pack Rack being the exceptions).  The cutouts are arranged to accept the Porteur House bag and the Petite Porteur House bag either lengthwise or widthwise depending on your preference.


As a kid, the TV trays, handed down from Grandma to Mom, were something to be revered.  Almost like the fancy china, they were only taken out for special occasions.  New Year’s Eve, maybe Super Bowl Sunday and then they were gone, not to be seen again until another distant, magical night when dinner would be enjoyed in front of the TV.  I really hope the Surly TV Tray conjures up that same excitement and it becomes more of an everyday type of thing for you.  Step away from that glowing box, ditch the Hungry Man Dinner and let’s redefine what a TV Tray can hold

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