Supernova M99 Tail Light 25 - Rack Mount 6v

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Supernova M99 Tail Light for 6volt systems

  • License plate illumination 5° installation angle variability
  • Brake light (controlled from M99 front light or from brake levers)
  • 0.4 W in standard mode, 0.9 W in brake light mode, 12 V DC
  • 2 m cable without connectors including 3M UY connectors 

Suggested compatable brakes: Magura MT5e with e-switch built into the brake levers. Ideal for ebikes.


Housing material Aluminum
Weight 28 g
Candela 10 cd – 85 cd
WxHxD 22 x 61.5 x 11.6 mm
Power levels 12 V version 0.4 W / 2.1 W (brake light)
Signalling LEDs 5 mm custom made high power LEDs
Installation 50 mm distance / M4 thread
Approval K-mark
connection 3-wired (++-)
Warranty 5 years


*Please check with your bicycle manufacturer to make sure that you are choosing the correct lights with the correct voltage, and that installing of lights on your bike is approved by the manufacturer.

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