Supacaz Super Sticky Kush Italy

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If you've ever wanted to express your stylishly-classy personality through the way you dress your handlebars, then all you need is a box of logo printed Supacaz Super Sticky Kush Bar Tape and just a little bit of free time. Fusing performance and style to create a distinctive, pro-rider look, this high-end tape features impressive base colours with a contrasting-coloured Supacaz logo print repeating throughout its length. This is a top-notch performance tape with just enough squish to provide effective vibration-damping and a comfortable lived-in grasp. Super Sticky Kush Bar Tape has a distinctly satisfying feel in the hands which adds a pleasure to bicycle riding that's often missing from other brands of tape. The tape is extremely tacky, especially when wet, which makes riding without gloves very easy. Regardless of whether your hands are dusty or sweaty, this tape won't slip or let you down. Supacaz Bar Tape is easily cleanable and features uniquely embossed patterns presented in great variety of colourings and styles. Many of the worlds' top riders, such as Mark Cavendish & Peter Sagan swear it's the only bar tape in the world they'll use.
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