Sm-rt86 Disc Rotor 160mm Xt Ice-tech 6-bolt

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Ice-Tech is Shimano's approach to high-performance braking by reducing operating temperatures. Ice-Tech rotors are a two-piece floating design for increased stiffness and they feature a 3-layer construction.  There's an aluminium core sandwiched between two stainless steel outer layers.  Aluminium dissipates heat quickly which works perfectly for braking.  When combined with Shimano brakes and Ice-Tech pads, riders will notice consistent performance, reduced brake fade and less brake noise. 

If you are replacing rotors or looking to upgrade, these should be a strong contender. 


  • Mounting standard:¬†Standard 6-Bolt
  • Materials:¬†Stainless steel and aluminum.¬†
  • Brake pad compatibility:¬†You can use either metal (sintered) or resin (organic) brake pads on these rotors. Works best with Shimano brakes using Ice-Tech pads.¬†
  • What's in the box:¬†One¬†SM-RT86 6 Bolt Rotor with 6 rotor bolt
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