Slickoleum Low Friction Grease 15oz (425gm) Tub

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Slickoleum grease has been used as suspension grease going on 23 years with outstanding feedback from our customers.

Slickoleum is also an exceptional lubricant for standard O-rings as well as seals. Outside of the suspension industry the paintball enthusiasts have found remarkable results using Slickoleum in their paintball markers.

Paintball markers use pneumatics and need good seal lubricant for their reciprocating O-ring seals that operate at high speeds. Our grease has also found its way into O-ring specialty stores. 

  • Suspension Grease
  • Ultimate Lubricant for O-rings & Seals
  • Reduces Friction
  • Stays Were You Put It
  • Resistant To Water Washout

Slickoleum has premium additives whose combined properties reduce friction, increase efficiency and provide for greater compliance.
Inherent features of the additives enable it to:

  • Adhere to and impregnate metallic surfaces reducing friction and increasing lubrication.
  • Function in low to medium temperatures, providing increased lubricity.
  • Safe for all kinds of seals, elastomers, and O-rings.
  • Prevent corrosion and oxidation while providing a protective layer.
  • Provide a waterproof layer through our proprietary formulation.

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