Silca Synerg-e Wet Lube Specifically

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The Ultimate Wear Reducing lubricant for E-Bikes. Based on the award winning Synergetic lubricant, the first and only wet lube to record a 0.0% wear block in Zero Friction Cycling lab testing, Synerg-E takes SILCA's patent pending Tungsten Tribofilm Technology and blends it into a higher viscosity lubricant optimized for the high torque experienced in E-Bike drivetrains

E-bike chains experience more than 2X the internal pressures of traditional bike chain, and are capable of wearing out expensive drivetrain components like chains, chainrings, and cassettes at more than twice the rate of traditional bicycles. By increasing viscosity and adding Calcium Sulfonate to the mix, Synerg-E gives up roughly 1 watt of pure efficiency to Synergetic, while nearly doubling the oil film strength to ensure the lowest rates of chain and drivetrain wear of any lubricant currently available.

As with all SILCA lubricants, Synerg-E uses only the finest, environmentally friendly pure synthetic base oils with additives approved as safe by the EPA and Bureau of Land Management. Synerg-E contains NO PFAS or other Fluorinated chemicals.


  • Specifically formulated for e-bikes
  • Highest film strength of any bicycle lubricant
  • Maximum corrosion protection
  • 2oz / 59ml Squeeze bottle
  • Precision Applicator Tip
  • 15,000+ kms of lubricant per bottle
  • Ultra-high wearing, ultra-quiet, ultra waterproof wet lube
  • Eco-friendly - PFAS & VOC free


Synerg-E will work best on a perfectly clean/dry chain, but this is not absolutely necessary. It will eventually displace factory grease on all common chain brands if dripped over top on a new chain. Chain should be free of dirt and contaminants before applying Synergetic. 

Initial application on clean/dry chain: 

  • Apply 1 drop of Synerg-E to each set of gaps on each roller (2 drops per roller).
  • Cycle chain backwards 10-12 revolutions to allow lubricant to fully penetrate.
  • Wipe Outside of chain and chainrings as dry as possible using MicroFiber cloth.
  • Re-apply 1 drop per roller every 500-750 kms or after every wet/rainy ride.


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