Rear Rack 48v 13ah E-bike Battery Including Rack

Pickup currently unavailable at 132 Union Road

Compatibility: Compatible with 26 "and 28" bicycles

Voltage: 48V

Capacity: 13Ah

Range: about 90-120km

Watt-hours: 624Wh Cell: NiCoMnO2 18650-220 Lithium-Ion DLG

Internal resistance: 220mOhm

Minimum capacity: 10Ah

Standard charge: Constant current 2A, constant voltage 54.6V, 100mA cut-off

Standard Relief: Constant current 5A, final voltage 35.75V

Cycles: 500,> 60% capacity

Max. Charge current: 4A

Max. Discharge current: 15A

Overvoltage protection: 40 ± 10A (15ms)

Luggage Rack: Rubberband approx. 58cm

Controller: Controller box and rail preassembled

Security: Battery is lockable including key

Lighting: Reflector in red

Charger: 54.6V 2A

Charging Chill: 0-45Celsius

Operation Chill: 0-60Celsius

Storage: Temperature (15-35Celsius) At Humidity (45-75%)

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