Magura Mt5e 3-finger Lever Opener Nc Higo Single Brake

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The MT5e brakes everything… even the engine!

  • Specially developed for S-Pedelecs, the MT5e has an integrated switch for motor and brake light.
  • The high braking force of 4 pistons and its fine modulation make the MT5e a sure-footed companion. We guarantee that.


  • A mechanical switch in the brake bracket activates the brake light before deceleration begins and also controls the drive cut-out for maximum safety.


  • The radial design of the brake master ensures low friction, reducing transmission losses.
  • It also enables the conversion of (small/large) transmission ratios, which improves modulation and control.
  • The 4-piston brake calliper forged in one piece has a high degree of rigidity, resulting in outstanding braking force and the best possible modulation.

*Magura MT5e, 2-finger lever, Opener, NO HIGO. When the leverblade is opperated the circuit is opened. When the brake lever is released, the circuit is closed.

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