Jetblack Biggest Fella Road & Mtb Floor Pump

Pickup currently unavailable at 132 Union Road
JetBlack have got a few Fellas in their line-up of pumps but this one is the Biggest Fella of them all!

He might be full of air but that's good news for you because he'll make short work of both MTB and road tyres and he's got a strong chassis that's built to withstand a lot of punishment. It doesn't matter what type of valve you have as he's compatible with both Presta and Shrader. This fella is simple to operate and packs a big punch. You'll be happy to have him on your team.


Dual-xcale gauge for low pressure and high pressure
0-30psi for MTB tyres
30-160psi for road tyres
3" gauge
Clever valve for Presta and Schrader with air-bleeder
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