Jagwire Hyflow Fitt Str.ryde

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Most major brands and models are covered by the Jagwire HyFlow Fitting Kits.

One Quick-Fit Hose and one Quick-Fit Fitting Kit is required for one bicycle.
  1. Choose the correct Fit Kit for your bike's brakes, then
  2. Choose the HyFlow Hydrualic Hose colour of your choice
  • HFA201 - AVID JUICY -¬†World Cup 2010-2011, XX‚Ñ¢ 2010-2011, Avid Juicy¬†Ultimate‚Ñ¢,¬†Juicy Carbon, Juicy Seven‚Ñ¢,¬†Juicy Five‚Ñ¢
  • HFA202 - AVID ELIXiR -¬†Elixir R, CR, CR Mag, 5, 7, 9, X.0, XX2012+, World Cup 2012
  • HFA206 - AVID ELIXIR -¬†Code, Code 5, Elixir 1, 3
  • HFA502 - FORMULA -¬†¬†R0, R1, RX, The One, Mega
  • HFA601 - HAYES -¬†Prime Expert, Prime Pro,Stroker Trail, Stroker Carbon,Stroker Ace, Stroker Gram
  • HFA402 - MAGURA -¬†Clara 2000‚Äî2002, Gustav M 2000‚Äî2011, Julie HP 2009, Marta 2002-2010, Marta SL 2003-2011, Marta Gold 2007, Louise 2000‚Äî2010, Louise FR2002‚Äî2006, Louise BAT 2008-2010, Lousie Carbon 2008-2010
  • HFA301 - SHIMANO -¬†XTR M975, Deore XT M755, Hone M535, SLX M665, Deore LX M585, Deore M525, Alfine S500
  • HFA306 - SHIMANO -¬†XTR M985, M988, XT M785, SLXM66, Deore M596

  • HFA801 - TEKTRO -¬†Auriga Comp,Auriga Comp WS,Draco,Draco WS,Draco 2

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