Cleanskin Unite Light Helmet And Gopro Mount

Pickup currently unavailable at 132 Union Road
If you own any of the Cleanskin Unite lights and would like a spare or replacement helmet mount and GoPro mount then this is just the thing
May night riding be changed forever as you can now look through those corners as you would in broad daylight. 

Who's this item for: Riders who own a Cleanskin Unite Light wanting to mount it to their helmet or GoPro mount.

What does it mount to: Helmets and GoPro mounts.  The adjustable strap allows flexibility to suit a wide range of vented helmet styles.

What lights does it suit: The Cleanskin Unite Light range. The helmet mount will also suit any GoPro attachment, so cameras or compatible lights from other brands.

Dimensions and Weight: The mount itself is 79mm long, 46mm wide and 54mm tall.  All up the mount and strap weigh about 44 grams.
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