Cateye Padrone Smart Computer + Bt

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To give you more of what you've come to love in a CatEye cycle computer, we took the smartphone power you rely on in our most popular display and brought it to the next level with the Padrone Smart+.


  • Speed, Heart Rate, Cadence (Current / Average / Maximum /Real-Time Lap Average)
  • Power (Current / Average / Maximum / Real-Time Lap Average / Custom Average / Balance / Normalized / TSS / IF) Confirmed Power Sensor List
  • Distance (Trip Distance / Total Distance / Real-Time Lap Distance)
  • Clock
  • Date
  • Time (Moving Time / Trip Time / Lap Timer / Split Time)
  • Altitude *1
  • Slope *1
  • Calorie *1
  • Lap Number *1
  • Countdown Distance / Time *1
  • Compass *1
  • Simple Navigation *1
  • Remaining Smartphone Battery *1
  • DI2 Compatible (F/R Gear Information or Gear Ratio, Low Battery Indicator)


    Current speed:0.0(4.0)~105.9km/h
    Average speed:0.0~105.9km/h
    Maximum speed:0.0(4.0)~105.9km/h
    Total distance:0.0~999999km
    Trip distance:0.00~999999km
    Countdown distance:9999.99~0.00km
    Moving time:0:00.00~999:59
    Total trip time (total time including pause time):0:00.00~999:59
    Countdown time:999:59~0:00.00
    Wireless transmission:Bluetooth®
    Clock:0:00.00~23:59.59 [1:00'~12:59.59]
    Date:1.1. 2015.~12.31.2099
    Current cadence:0(20)~299rpm *1
    Average cadence:0~299rpm *1
    Maximum cadence:0(20)~299rpm *1
    Current heart rate:0(30)~299bpm *1
    Average heart rate:0~299bpm *1
    Maximum heart rate:0(30)~299bpm *1
    Current power:0~1999watts *1
    Custom average power:0~1999watts *1
    Maximum power:0~1999watts *1
    Power balance:L=0~100%:R=100~0% (R=100%-L) *3
    Normalized power:0~999watts *1
    Training Stress Score:0~999 *1
    Intensity Factor:0.00~9.99 *1
    Current altitude:-500~99999m [ft] *4
    Ascending altitude:0~999999m [ft] *4
    Total altitude gain:0~99999 x1000m [ft] *4
    Current incline:-99~+99% *2
    Average incline:-99~+99% *2
    Maximum incline:-99~+99% *2
    Calorie consumption:0~999999kcal
    DI2 system information:Gear information or Gear ratio, DI2 low battery indicator *5
    Lap number:1~999
    Split time:0:00.00~999:59
    Lap timer (lap in real-time):0:00.00~999:59
    Lap trip distance in real-time:0.00~999999km
    Lap average speed in real-time:0.0~105.9km/h
    Lap average cadence in real-time:0~299rpm *1
    Lap average heart rate in real-time:0~299bpm *1
    Lap average power in real-time:0~1999watts *1
    Pace arrow:Yes
    Auto power saving:Yes (In Mirror Mode: 20 mins for smartphone search. In Sensor Direct Mode: 10 mins + 60 mins = 70 mins)
    Auto mode:Yes (Auto with Pause function)
    Backlight:Yes (with Night Mode)
    Sound:Turn on/off for each of button operation, alerts and notifications
    Compass:Points North
    Screen display:Fully customizable display (1-8 segment screen)
    Countdown:Countdown time or distance
    Auto lap:Yes (location on the map, distance or time) *Available on Cycling app.
    Alerts:Call/Email/SMS (Text)/SNS
    Dual tire size:Yes
    Tire size:100mm~3999mm (default:2096mm)
    Compatible sensors:CatEye brand ISC-12 Speed/Cadence sensor / HR-12 Heart Rate sensor / SPD-30 Speed sensor / CDC-30 Cadence sensor
    * Speed, Cadence, Heart Rate and/or Power sensors conforming to Bluetooth4.0
    CSCP/HRP/CPP are supported but compatibility with third party devices is not guaranteed. For Power, check the Confirmed Power Sensor List.
    Battery:CR2032 X 2
    Battery life:Approx 4 months
    Dimension:74.0 X 46.0 X 20.0 mm
    Weight:40 g
    Note:*1 Bluetooth® sensor is required.
    *2 Requires a smartphone with a built-in pressure sensor.
    *3 Requires Bluetooth® separate left and right power sensors.
    *4 In Mirror mode.
    *5 Shimano Wireless Unit for DI2 system is required.
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