Omnium Cargo Bikes now available at Melbourne Powered!

At Melbourne Powered we are always on the hunt to for quality brands and products that enhance and broaden the cycling experience and options for our diverse city.

Melbournian’s themselves are adopting bikes more and more as a serious and flexible mode of transport.
Helping this are the many bikes available with racks or rack add-on accessories to help you carry loads such as bags and shopping but sometimes you need abit more…

Omnium Cargo Bikes open this option up, famed for their fun ride, relatively lightweight, and more compact than the average cargo bike – all while retaining big load carrying capacity.

Unlike some other cargo bikes on the market, Omnium’s feel pretty much exactly like a normal bike to ride. Not twitchy, not shaky, but agile and speedy.

Below we go into abit more depth with information, photos and even a video build:


Omnium Webbing

The new Swiss engineered VTS system allowing easier mounting and possibility to adjust tension.

The nylon cargo webbing to provide a super-strong surface that can hold crazy loads all day long.

Cargo area

The rack area can be adapted for cargos of all kinds.  We also have a cunning extender bar that slides trombone-like into the rack to give you absurd levels of cargo power.

Omnium Kickstand

Its double-leg design provides easy parking and stability when loading the rack. The robust construction will hold up to loads of abuse, just remember to grease the moving parts for optimal enjoyment and a prolonged life span.

"Famed for their cargo-hauling abilities all while still handling like a bike with snappy turning and maneuverability."

MINI-MAX V3 E-Bike BUILD video

Here’s a speedy video in house build of the Omnium Mini-Max V3 electric at Melbourne Powered.

Power your ride

We stock analogue (non powered) and electric bikes.

Being electric bike and conversion specialists the experienced mechanics at Melbourne Powered can work a plan with you to customize and convert an analogue bike into electric which and allows a broad range of options, motor styles, battery sizes and drivetrain configurations to suit your riding requirements.

Melbourne Powered electric conversion specs for this build was:

On another note, the Blurple paint is show-stoppingly beautiful and something else to see in the flesh.

Melbourne Powered is Melbourne's premier Omnium Cargo Bikes stockist and service centre for analogue (non powered) and electric bikes come in to test ride the Omnium Cargo Bike and you’ll find you’ll adapt in mintues.

Request to test ride the Omnium Cargo Bike


The Omnium has quickly become one of our favorite bikes for the crew at Melbourne Powered.
Being so practical we've used it to transport anything from speakers, store hardware items and online order packages to the local post office.