Benefits of ebikes

Benefits of ebikes

From our customers perspective

Here at Melbourne Powered while we service and work on all bikes we specialize in offering a large range of ebikes. From electric powered commuters, to cargo and mountain bikes, over the years we’ve come to learn the biggest reasons Melbournians come in search for an ebike.

Here’s what we’ve found as the main benefits our customers come in looking for an ebike;

benefits of ebikes physical health
They want to keep physically active
We all know riding a bike is healthy, fun and a low-impact form of exercise for all ages.
Most of us want to exercise abit more than we currently do and ebikes can open opportunities to ride further, quicker and easier.

You are still exercising and physically working but you can opt for a level of assistance to match your health and fitness level by either increasing or reducing powered assistance to your needs.

Electric bike advantages are for reducing the strain out of intense efforts of hills, getting up to speed from standing starts quicker, or keeping your average speed higher getting to your destination faster.

By taking the edge off intense efforts you won’t be as fatigued after a ride meaning you’ll be fresher, need less recovery time, and be able to ride a lot more often.

Less sweaty rides
Ride with your work attire into work without breaking a sweat and needing to change clothes.
For commuting, you can adjust the amount of powered assistance and have the option to arrive at work without breaking a sweat.
When your day is done you can then opt to have minimal to no assistance if you’d like, increase the intensity to get your sweat on.

Bikes in general are fun, ebikes take it to another level as you have more oomph giving you options to whisk past traffic, and other cyclists with ease.

Better mental health
Any form of exercise has benefits for your mental health.
Cycling, in particular, gets you outdoors, feeling the wind, the freedom a bike provides and improves your mood.

Electric bikes are a quiet way to get around, usually a high-tech sounding faint whirr as you accelerate or when climbing hills and no noise pollution or atmospheric pollution.


Save money on petrol and motor vehicle running costs
Using your e-bike instead of your car whenever you can is a great idea to reduce wear and tear on your vehicle.
Replacing several car trips a week with bike rides and it won't be long before your fuel bills are reduced.

E-bikes are a zippy way to get around the city or inner suburbs quickly, efficiently, and safely with many dedicated bike lanes options.

commuting ebike

Riding to work or the shops is one of the most time-efficient ways to combine regular exercise with your everyday routine.
As a mode of transport, cycling also replaces sedentary (sitting) time spent driving motor vehicles or using trams, trains or buses with healthy active exercise.

Environmental reasons
Ebikes output zero emissions and do not emit any gases into the air.
Using transportation with a much smaller and lighter footprint provides a positive impact on the environment.

Parking machine

Save time from looking for parking spots and money from parking fees.
Bike lock-up racks are commonplace at many communal and business places.

Considered riding your bike to the railway station? It’s a healthy and affordable option with many customers now using the safe and secure Parkiteer bike cage facilities.
For train stations, Parkiteer bike cages offer 24-hour undercover and secure bike parking for free at 40 Metro stations across the metropolitan railway network.

Electric power bike displayMountain Biking
The more gravity-based riders favor riding down generally have to either slowly (and painfully) ride up the hill, push the bike up the hill or if available get on the shuttle bus.
E-mtb’s eliminate this and power you up the hill so you get to do your best runs going down way more often.

cargo ebike delivering

Extra cargo
Having electric assistance means you are able to ride with more cargo and extra bags alot easier (Take note within the city of the electric commuter bikes that are so popular with food delivery services)

That was some of the biggest reasons we’ve found Melbourne commuters and cyclists come in for an e-bike.

If you're looking to learn more or test ride an e-bike check out our wide range online at or visit us in-store at 132 Union Road, Ascot Vale, we’re open 7 days.