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The VelectriX Foldaway Electric Folding Bike is perfect for someone wanting a compact" capable and comfortable electric bike. Featuring a low step-through folding frame" this bike is easy to get on and off" even for those with mobility issues. The adjustable seat and handlebar heights suit a wide range of riders" while the in-built rear rack means you will always have plenty of storage space! The 3-speed internal rear hub gearset offers great shifting variety while requiring very little upkeep and easy-to-use V brakes offer terrific stopping power. All of these awesome features come in a compact" foldable package: featuring an easy-to-use "2 fold" mechanism" the perfect option for the weekend traveler" camper-van/caravan owner" uni student" city commuter" or someone short on space. At 19.7kgs" it's also light and easy to carry arounnd. (Folded dimensions 85cm L X 55cm W X 67cm H).

As if the Foldaway couldn't get any better" this compact package is also an e-bike! A 200-watt front hub motor makes easy work of hills" offering 5 levels of pedal-assisted power so you can ride as hard or as little as you please. Or" simply don't pedal at all: the Foldaway is one of the rare legal throttle-controlled bikes so you can let the bike do all the work for you! The 313-watt-hour battery gives you up to 40 kilometers of range and the Smart Charger lets you charge up in as little as 3 hours so you can get back out on the road sooner! If you're after a compact" comfortable and practical bike" then the VelectriX Foldaway is just the ticket!


Featuring a folding mechanism for easy transport and storage" this bike uses a "2 fold" mechanism to turn this bike into a compact unit at 85cm L X 55cm W X 67cm H so it can fit into most cars" caravans or even small apartments!


The Foldaway features a hub-drive powerful and reliable Bafang motor" to give you terrific assistance. With 200w of additional power" you'll find the rolling hills a breeze! This bike is one of the few that even offers a legal throttle so you can sit back and let the bike do all the work. Ride hard if you choose and get your sweat on" or let the bike do the heavy lifting - the choice is yours!


This bike comes equipped with a rear pannier rack for luggage" take the bike to do your grocery shopping" or let it do the heavy lifting on your commute to and from work! Simply add a basket for even greater versatility!

Questions Answered

What is the VelectriX Foldawayused for?

The VelectriXFoldaway Electric Folding Bike is made for paths and roads" perfect for the urban environment" and conveniently folds down for storage and transport making it ideal for holidays" caravan trips" a jaunt to the shops" city commutes" or for riding to uni and back!

Why is the VelectriX Foldawaydifferent?

This bike offers amazing electric assistance in a small" yet capable" package. Folding away to a compact unit" it is perfect for people who lack space for storage" while the integrated lights and rack mean you don't need to cart around extra bits and bobs for the bike. As soon as you unfold it" it's ready to go! With a short 3 hour charge time and a range of up to 40km this bike will keep you going where you need it! Top this off with not only 5 levels of pedal assist" but the option of throttle assistance and you can truly choose how much" or how little" you do.

Who is the VelectriX Foldawaydesigned for?

The Foldaway is made for the rider who lacks storage space" but still wants a versatile" comfortable" and capable electric bike. This bike is perfect for the weekend traveler" uni student" city liver" grey nomad" or anyone else traveling the road or lacking space.

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