Cirrus Kinekt Suspension Stem 7 Degrees 105mm

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Introducing the Revolutionary Stem that is designed to reduce arm, wrist, and shoulder discomfort. Adjustable, compact, and built to last. Significantly reduces high-frequency vibration felt through the handlebars due to uneven terrain.
THREADLESS HEADSET: Kinekt Stems are designed to work with threadless headsets only. If your bike has a Quill-type headset, you will need to purchase a Quill-to-Threadless adaptor. These are available online.
STEM LENGTH: To choose your stem length, measure your current stem in millimeters, from the middle of the handlebars to the middle of the top tube. Choose the Kinekt Stem length closest to your currect one. Available in 90mm, 100mm, 105mm, and 120 mm.
STEM ANGLE: Kinekt Stems are available in two rises. Our 7-degree stem offers a more performance riding position. Our 30-degree stem provides a more upright, relaxed postion, ideal for e-bikes. 7-degree available in 90mm, 105mm, and 120 mm. 30-degree available in 100mm only.
INCLUDED: Your Kinekt Stem comes with 3 interchangeable springs so you can "tune" your ride (Soft, Medium, and Firm). Kinekt Stems are strong and durable, and they require little to no maintenance other than keeping it clean.
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